Pay-Per-Call Performance Based Marketing


Camball Marketing’s Pay-Per-Call program will jump-start your business leads, guaranteed. Our unique Pay-Per-Call program helps all sizes of businesses generate qualified leads and ready-to-buy prospects from their online marketing campaigns. Camball Marketing focuses on the development, launch and management of marketing and business websites in many different industries.

From telecommunications to legal, mechanical, renovations and more, Camball Marketing generates inquiries and leads for their clients with no upfront costs. Camball Marketing owns and operates each lead generation web site on a performance-based model, saving the client and their business valuable overhead money.

Pay-Per-Call and established inbound marketing strategies are crucial for service-based businesses and the customers who are seeking out your services. Additionally, and as the use of SmartPhones and mobile devices increase, Pay-Per-Call ensures that potential customers are able to connect with you any place and any time.

You only pay for Quality Leads

Pay-Per-Call with Camball Marketing uses unique, traceable phone numbers to direct qualified lead calls to your business. Your business will get exposure regardless of the outcome but you only pay Camball Marketing for quality incoming calls. Camball Marketing will never charge you for “junk” calls from wrong numbers or telemarketers, and our “scrubbing” program ensures that you will only ever pay for quality leads directed from the Pay-Per-Call program. The program is “win-win” for everyone!


How Pay-Per-Call Works

1. We build or manage your website

2. We use SEO to maximize exposure on Search Engines

3. Clients find you because of the work we’ve done!

4. They call they number we placed on the website

5. The number routes directly to your business

6. We track all calls and only bill for quality leads


Contact us today to see if the Pay-Per-Call is right for your business.