Web Design

If you’re in search of a website that is simple but effective, then Camball Marketing has got you covered. Your website should make a lasting impression on your visitors, which means that it needs to be easy to navigate, provide useful information, and be mobile and browser friendly. Visitors will go to your site to gain information about a specific topic, and if they have issues with any of the previously mentioned features of your site, they won’t stick around very long.

Camball Marketing’s goal is to give their clients a web site that fully represents their brand and helps them to achieve their business goals. When it comes to planning the design of your website, your budget and brand will be the two most important factors to consider.


Web Development

At Camball Marketing, we have successfully developed numerous dynamic web sites and, along the way, have discovered that content management sites are the most effective. This is because they offer a user-friendly interface for our clients that allows them to easily access and administer their site’s content. Once the design of your website is complete, we will then implement the content management system. All that you will need is a web browser to gain access to your site’s admin panel where you can then manage or edit the content, menus, members, media and more.

Dynamic web site development consists of many things:

  • Member Management
  • Payment Gateways
  • SSL
  • E-Commerce
  • Photo Galleries
  • Form Management
  • Slide Shows
  • Online Registrations
  • And much more…

Each of these features are vital for a user-friendly, content-rich website that you can manage easily once it’s complete and launched.


WordPress Content Management Systems

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that is widely used by many businesses across the web. This is likely due to the easy-to-manage backend for administrators and consists of a wide variety of features and widgets. Both blogs and professional websites see great success with WordPress.

The custom design and development of WordPress blogs, websites and minor web applications are a specialty of Camball Marketing. Whether you have a large or small business, are a startup, an enterprise, or a non-profit organization, Camball Marketing can deliver a high quality, tailor-made website. While we ensure that your site is easy to use and manage, we also make sure to pay special attention to the security. If you need a new, complete site build or simply some maintenance for an existing WordPress site, you can count on Camball Marketing.

When your WordPress site is done and launched, our team will train you and your staff so that you are comfortable and confident using and updating your new website.


Responsive Sites Work On All Devices

You have likely come across a website on your mobile device that didn’t want to cooperate. This is because it is not mobile-friendly. At Camball Marketing, we ensure that all website designs are mobile friendly so that visitors can easily and accurately view and interact with your site from their phone, tablet or desktop. It has been well-established that an increasing number (re: majority) of consumers are browsing the web and making purchases online, so it is extremely important that your website be mobile friendly.

Responsive web design is the best streamlined approach to providing a mobile-friendly experience for your users. Responsive design ensures that the layout of your website (including the icons, images, navigation, etc.) adjusts to the device that the consumer is using. For example, this means that the user won’t need to worry about increasing or decreasing the screen size to be able to view your site properly. This allows for a user-friendly, easy to navigate experience which translates to users spending more time on your website, increasing their engagement with your brand, as well as improving your chances of making a sale or securing a new customer.

Contact Camball Marketing today to create a new, or improve an existing, website with responsive design and user-friendly navigation and, therefore, more qualified leads.