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Website Development

With so much of the world’s marketplace moving to the web, even a locally based business requires a solid website that fully reflects your business and is fully search engine optimized.

In the ever expanding marketplace it is increasingly difficult to keep your business at the forefront of your industry. The average customer has become increasingly savvy with both the internet, and how they spend their money. Now-a-days any business that requires a customer base to survive, requires good SEO services to thrive.

Our search engine optimization services are designed to be accessible in all aspects of your website. Whether you are running a brick and mortar or online only, service or store, the London, Ontario SEO services we offer will help you develop your website and increase your ranking across all search engines.

SEO functions using specific keywords that help potential customers find your website and create a compelling sales funnel. Before you came to our site, you likely typed “SEO services London Ontario” right? A site with our SEO services applied to them is going to garner more exposure on a variety of search engines (not just Google) and build more awareness of your business and brand. The result: More sales!

Content Marketing

One of our aims is to increase your exposure and brand awareness through consistently produced useful blog and newsletter content.

Featured SEO Services

Creating compelling content that feeds into the SEO sales funnel is not as easy as it may sound. You know how best to run your business, and Camball Marketing knows how to use SEO. Trust your digital marketing to the professionals and reap the benefits.


  • Local Packs

    Local SEO is different in many ways to the typical google search. The Local Packs “packs” your business name into as many of the local listing sites as there are. Having claimed all the listing pages, like the yellow pages, yelp, etc will bring your Google listing to the top. These listings must be kept up to date, and adjusted to keep up with the elusive Google ranking algorithm. Keeping your business in good standing with these listings will give your website the legitimacy that Google needs to rank you.

  • Rich snippets

    Rich snippets take the benefits of featured snippets, but with more of a punch. Featured snippets also rank very high, but show off photos, product links, reviews, etc. to quality and engaging traffic to your website and ultimately your business.


  • Answer boxes and Featured Snippets

    Answer boxes and feature snippets are invaluable for getting users engaged in your website and business. It’s when you ask Google a question and the answer pops up in a box that shows you the answer without forcing you to sleuth through various websites to get it. This creates compelling engagement that feeds the sales funnel and drives users to your page. Getting your ranking up will increase this, but it takes expert SEO knowledge to get to that point.

Additional SEO Services

  • Website audit

    Double checking your website to find any flaws in the code creating a flaw in your rankings.

  • Keyword targeting

    Pinpointing exactly what keywords your website needs to rank in and how to get it there.

  • Pay per click management services

    Managing createing more PPC, CPC, banner and text ads to help your perfect customer find you fast.

  • Link Building

    Creating a network of links with reputable sites to maximize your exposure and trust in the search engines.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Managing your online presence on a variety of social media websites and blogs to keep your business relevant.

  • Website maintenance services

    Keeping your website up to date and problem free as well as creating a consistent flow of SEO friendly content.

  • Ecommerce SEO marketing

    Creating SEO friendly CMS that makes each product visible to the customer looking for it.

  • Branding and reputation management

    Creating a concise and recognizable brand for your business that increases your visibility.


What our clients say

Scott is a hard-working, creative professional that brings a lot to any table. He did a great job optimizing my website for conversions and helped me achieve first position rankings on Google for several competitive keywords. I would recommend him to anyone. Paul Shapiro, Manager at Pro Reno Solutions Limited
Scott brought fresh eyes and insightful analysis to our websites, pointing out tactical errors, oversights and new features to help our site’s searchability. Upon implementation of even a few of his recommendations, we noticed an immediate boost in visits and conversions. Charlene Boyce, Communications Officer, Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University
Scott has been very good to work with. I highly recommend him. Lawrence Cyna, CEO Investment Manager at Cymor Strategic Growth Funds
It is simple to convey even the vaguest concepts to him and the results come back quickly and accurate to our vision. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for your web project. Gary Fluxgold, Film Editor


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